E096 – Security – Commanderin’ MTG

CollectorProtectorWe recorded a special show with Ben Fogarty, one of our patrons, about keeping your stuff and self secure while at a public event like a Grand Prix.

Ben’s mono green burn Omnath deck list is here:

The Las Vegas police department phone number at the Convention Center is:
(702) 828-6430

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3 thoughts on “E096 – Security – Commanderin’ MTG

  1. Re: Pelican Cases

    I carry my 9 decks in boxes, a full custom Planechase set, a Full vanguard Set, 2 4-pocket binders and it weighs about 60lbs when latched. I rarely lug the whole thing with me to huge events – It draws too much attention. I considered tiles at the bottom of each deckbox. Reducing your trade binder to a 4-page binder with things double or triple sleeved in the binder makes it easier to track them.

    I do have one bananas-sounding suggestion – but bear with me:
    I worked for years with a laser engraver/cutter. I really learned how to master this particular machine and after testing on plenty of draft chaff being burnt beyond recognition. Long story short, I figured out how to micro-engrave a unique identifier in the backs of actual cards that was visible only with a loupe – and even then, only if you knew where to look for it. It was a great way to permanently distinguish a card without *noticeably* damaging it.

    1. That’s crazy! Would you mind sending details to cast at commanderingmtg dot com? We will read it in a show. :)

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