E067 – Simic Guild with Andy Hull pt 1 – Commanderin’ MTG Podcast

andyhullmouthWe go deep into Simic strategies with Friend of the Show Andy Hull, host of Commanders Brew! Find out what makes Simic so good (hint: it’s not black).

If you’re not listening to Commander’s Brew, what is wrong with you?
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2 thoughts on “E067 – Simic Guild with Andy Hull pt 1 – Commanderin’ MTG Podcast

  1. Go Simic go!
    Loved this episode on my favorite colour pair in magic. Looking forward to part 2.
    Just one small rules thing. Handcycling spells don’t kill maro cards like overbeing of myth as state based effects don’t get checked until the spell has finished resolving. At which point you have cards in your hand again. So feel free to timetwister as much as you want, overbeing will be there for you afterwards.

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