E057 – Dimir Strategies with Robin Kaas – Commanderin’ MTG Podcast

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RobinKaas-HeadShotJoin Sean as he dives into Dimir strategies and has an overall wonderful conversation with Robin Kaas.

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On Cockatrice: RobinKaas

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3 thoughts on “E057 – Dimir Strategies with Robin Kaas – Commanderin’ MTG Podcast

  1. Hey! My partner is non binary and I’ve worked with a lot of kids and adults that don’t identify as male or female and whilst there is a whole plethora of pronouns out there ‘They’ is usually prefered. As in ‘They played a Island’ ‘Why did they Scoop? They were doing so well!’.
    While I’m sure there will be a minority that will be ok with ‘it’ as a pronoun it’s typically viewed as dehumanising, almost referring to someone like an object rather than a person.
    It’s no huge deal in this context and you’re of course not using the incorrect pronouns in spite, you’re good people and I really appreciate what you do. It’s just that it’s uncomfortable for most being referred to as ‘it’, when referring to someone that presents as neither male or female it’s best to use ‘they’.
    Genders a spectrum, your show is great.
    Best wishes.
    – Abi
    (In reference to Ashiok the nightmare weaver)

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