E053 – Encyclopedia Commanderica 6 & MTGEMA Contest! – Commanderin’ MTG Podcast

Nate & Sean talk about Emrakul, the Promised End, and Ulrich, the legendary werewolf we’ve all been waiting for. Also, Nate and Sean click on the RANDOM CARD button on Gatherer until they find fifteen cards we haven’t talked about and evaluate them in the context of Commander. Also, Nate uses the term “ectoberry.” At the end of the show, Phil talks about the EMA contest the podcast is running in July!

Cards we talk about this episode:

Emrakul, the Promised End
Ulrich of the Krallenhorde
Bog Imp (looking for a balloon animal)
Words of Wilding (and others in the Onslaught “Words of” cycle)
Basal Sliver
Worn Powerstone
Mind Rot
Terra Eternal
Coastal Tower
Mardu Heartpiercer
Throne of Bone
Sigil of the New Dawn
Mistform Wakecaster
Impulsive Maneuvers

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2 thoughts on “E053 – Encyclopedia Commanderica 6 & MTGEMA Contest! – Commanderin’ MTG Podcast

    1. Except that every activation costs 1 mana. With a Mana Echoes, it would be.
      Infinite Bears, Infinite Mana. (If I chose to do so, I’d run Coat Of Arms as anthem, for infinite infinite/infinite Bears).

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